ACT Writing Test Curriculum

About the Author

In addition to teaching English for nine years and instructing ACT test prep since 2008, curriculum author Adam Snoza is an ACT Certified Educator (ACE), a trainer for the ACE program, and a contributing author and editor to, among others, the ACE writing manual.

ACT Writing Certifications


Below is a free link to a PDF of Aim High Test Prep's ACT Writing curriculum.  In it you will find:

  • a description of the writing test
  • how the ACT Writing is scored
  • steps to break down the essay prompt
  • a detailed outlining strategy
  • tips to maximize each scoring category
  • an essay template
  • sample essay with a detailed breakdown and score analysis

Educators are welcome to link students to the document or to reproduce the material for their class. The material provided is copyrighted by Aim High Test Prep and is not for commercial use.