Frequently Asked Questions

Q? Is there an easier/better test date?

A. No.  Many have heard that certain test administrations such as the June test are easier tests or have an easier scale.  This is not true.  All tests have roughly the same difficulty and all scales are predetermined.  This means that even though a test in September or December would typically be taken by more seniors and academically motivated juniors, it will NOT have a harder scale.

Q? What is the average score improvement?

A. The average increase in ACT Composite Score by our students is 4.1.  This is calculated by comparing the student's highest previous ACT Composite Score from officially administered ACT tests (not diagnostic tests) to the student's highest ACT Composite Score from officially administered ACT tests taken after completing our program.

Q? Do you offer the course online?

A. Yes.  Our current instruction is accessible both online at the College of St. Mary or virtually using Google Meet.  All sessions are also recorded and accessible for students to re-watch.

Q? Do you offer a guarantee?

A. Not in the traditional sense, as we acknowledge that there are too many factors to offer a clear, understandable guarantee.  Students can, however, retake the course for free, no matter what their score improvement was.

Q? How can I sign up my student to retake your ACT course?

A. Once a student has completed our ACT test prep course, he or she can retake all or part of the course for free.  To sign up to retake the course, send us an email indicating (1) student's name, (2) seminar starting date, and (3) which session time the student will attend.

Q? Have your instructors really taken the ACT over 77 times?

A. Yes.  Patrick Coyle has taken the ACT 65 times since 1997!  Adam Snoza has taken the ACT 12 times.  Effective in 2010, the ACT imposed a lifetime limit of 12 tests.

Q? Which seminar should my student take?

A. We recommend that students schedule the seminar so that they can attend every class and can complete all of the assignments.  Therefore, consider your student’s sport seasons, extracurricular activities, and time periods away from Omaha when choosing a seminar.

Q? How do I register my student for the ACT test?

A. Go to to register.  You will need a debit or credit card to pay for the fees.

Q? Does my student need to take the Writing test?

A. The ACT Writing test is optional, but a small number of colleges still ask for a Writing test for acceptance and/or placement.  It is very likely that the ACT drops the Writing test because the SAT dropped their essay portion in 2021. However, if any college on your short list of options does ask for a Writing score or if your school-sponsored ACT includes the Writing test, feel free to use our material for free:  This link includes a PDF of our Writing curriculum and an instructional video on how to write the Writing test.

If neither is true, then it is not recommended to take the essay. Providing an Writing score when it isn't asked for does not make the application more competitive.

Q? How many times can a student take the ACT test?

A. 12 times.