ACT Test Prep Omaha Instructors

Adam Snoza

  • Instructing ACT Test Prep since 2008
  • ACT Certified Educator: Basics, English, Math, Reading, Science
  • ACT Certified Educator Master Trainer: ELA and STEM
  • Contributing Author:
    • The Official ACT Prep Guide 2021-2022
    • The Official ACT Mathematics Guide 2nd Ed.
    • ACT Certified Educator Science Guide
    • ACT Certified Educator Writing Guide
  • B.A. in English/Language Arts, Creighton University
  • 9 Years of High School Teaching Experience in Omaha, Nebraska
  • 12 Official ACT Tests
  • Highest ACT Scores
    • English: 36
    • Math: 36
    • Reading: 34
    • Science: 36

Not every person thinks the same way.  Mr. Coyle and I complement each other well in this regard.  For instance in Math, Mr. Coyle prefers using formulas to solve problems.  I, however, pursue solutions more logically and graphically.  Therefore, our students learn multiple approaches to solving ACT Math problems.  Then they can choose the solution method that works best for them.

I approach all subjects in this way.  Students are given many different strategies for success.  Then they are given practice tests to determine which strategy works best for them.  This way students can maximize their potential without being limited by a test taking technique that doesn't suit them.


Patrick Coyle

  • Instructing ACT Test Prep since 1994
  • ACT Certified Educator: Basics, English, Math, Reading, Science
  • B.S. in Physics with Honors, University of Notre Dame
  • Doctorate in Law, Creighton University
  • 65 Official ACT Tests Taken – All Scores in 99th Percentile
  • Earned a 36 ACT Composite Score FOUR TIMES!

The best way to learn about the ACT test is to actually take it.  By taking the ACT test 65 times, I know which strategies work in the heat of the timed test conditions and which ones don’t.

I am in the business of changing students’ lives.  I am not content with just getting students great scores on the ACT test.  I also want the students to master the English and Math skills that they need for college and their careers.  I want them to know that they can succeed.