About Test Prep Seminars for the ACT in Omaha

In-Person Test Prep Seminars In Omaha, Nebraska Preparing for the ACT®

About Aim High Test Prep, Co.

Since 1994, Aim High Test Prep in Omaha, Nebraska, has been dedicated to helping students excel in their ACT® exams. Our comprehensive test prep course ensures every student has the opportunity to improve their scores significantly, with our students seeing an average Composite Score improvement of 4.1 points!

Why Choose Aim High Test Prep?

  • Score Improvement: By comparing our students' highest prior ACT score to their scores after our program, we average an increase of 4.1 composite points! While our improvement numbers are at all score ranges, including students starting in the teens, Aim High Test Prep is unique in its ability to push students from the high 20s and low 30s to even higher levels.
  • Free Retake Policy: Any student can retake our test prep course for FREE to achieve even greater improvement.
  • Extensive Course Duration: Our seminar is four times longer than local competitors' courses (40 hours vs. 10 hours). We cover everything in-depth to leave nothing to chance.
  • Comprehensive Subject Coverage: Along with effective ACT® test strategies, we thoroughly teach the English and Math subjects included in the ACT® test. We also provide scoring for practice essays for students taking the optional Writing test.

Our Credentials and Expertise

  • Certified Tutors: All of our tutors have earned ACT Instructional Mastery in all ACT subjects and have official ACT certifications.
  • National Test Prep Association Member: We are a proud member of the National Test Prep Association.
  • Media Appearances: Our insights have been featured on KETV and in The Hill.
  • Published ACT Expert: Our founder was featured in the Omaha World Herald, explaining the decline in state-wide test scores.
  • Podcast Presentations: We have shared our expertise on various platforms, including the Test and the Rest podcast and the College and Career Clarity podcast.
  • Conference Presentations: We have presented at an official ACT conference on creating meaningful mock ACT experiences. Additionally, we have presented at National Test Prep Association conferences on technology in tutoring (2022) and the use of AI in tutoring (2023).

Our Goals: Maximum Improvement and College Preparation

  • Complete Subject Review: This course offers a complete review of English grammar, punctuation rules, and all Math topics from fractions to trigonometry. Colleges assume mastery of this material, which is why our thorough review is essential for student success.

Why Aim High Test Prep Stands Out

For the most comprehensive test prep course in Omaha, Aim High Test Prep is the clear choice. Our dedication to thorough preparation, combined with our extensive experience and proven results, sets us apart from other test prep services.