About ACT Test Prep Omaha Seminars

In-Person ACT® Test Prep Seminars In Omaha, Nebraska

Aim High Test Prep, Co. has helped students succeed since 1994. Any student can retake our ACT test prep course for FREE in order to achieve even additional improvement. Students who take our seminar to prepare for the ACT exam show a total average ACT Composite Score improvement of 3.8 points!

There is a reason that our ACT test prep seminar is four times longer than our local competitors’ courses (40 hours vs. 10 hours).  We don’t do anything halfway – we leave nothing to chance.  So, in addition to teaching effective ACT test strategies, we take the time to teach the English, Math, and Science subject matter covered on the ACT test.  Plus, for students taking the optional Writing test, we score their practice essays.

Our ACT test prep course is structured with two goals in mind: to obtain maximum improvement in ACT scores and to prepare students for college and their careers.  We stress to the students that this is the only time in their lives that they will receive a complete review of English grammar and punctuation rules and a complete review of all Math that they learned from fractions through trigonometry.  Colleges assume that students have mastered this material and will not review it in college courses.

So for the most comprehensive ACT test prep course in Omaha, choose Aim High Test Prep, Co.

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