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Admission Essay

In this era of grade inflation, schools like UCLA have 70% of their admitted students with an unweighted GPA of 3.94 or above.  While test scores can help distinguish a student, it is only one part of a holistic review. College are emphasizing more and more that they admit students based on more than just their numbers. So in addition to having outstanding grades and test scores, student should submit a strong and persuasive admission essay.

Aim High Test Prep's admission essay program was written by Adam Snoza, a former English teacher with years of experience helping students shape their admissions essay. Additionally, the program was reviewed by the director of admissions at Creighton University who stated, "This program more than prepares them."

Program Description

Our program is designed to start from scratch. We will discuss what colleges are looking for in an essay and engage in a dialogue with students about their interests, challenges, successes, and future goals to work out a well crafted narrative outline. Students do not write the essay during the sessions as that would not be an efficient use of time.

Many students elect to write the essay and have their parents, peers, and teachers proof it. This is encouraged; however, if you wish to schedule an additional follow up session to review the final essay, that can be arranged.

It is possible to schedule essay coaching after a first draft has been written and have our coach review it. Our essay coach can offer incite to improve the narrative and suggest potential changes.


Sessions can be held online, in person at your residence, or at a nearby public space such as a coffee shop or library.

For students outside of the Omaha metropolitan area, tutoring is available online only.


Admission Essay Coaching  – $90 per hour

Meet The Tutor

Instructor/Owner: Adam Snoza

Adam Snoza

Adam was a High School English teacher and taught regular and honors junior English. In that role, he helped many students with their college admission essay. After dedicated himself to test prep, Adam wrote his own instructional curriculum on how to write an effective college admissions essay and even had it reviewed by the director of admissions at Creighton University. Now, he wants to help students tell their best story and showcase their value to their dream college.

College Admission Essay

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