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ACT® Test Deconstruction

Aim High-1090

Test Deconstruction

While many aspects of the ACT® are consistent, there are certain parts (especially in math) that are constantly evolving. It is rather common to have students come home from an ACT® test and claim that it was harder than any of the practice tests they had completed. This is where a test deconstruction can help.

Students that see each test as a unique experience will struggle with test anxiety. Aim High's test deconstruction can illustrate many aspects of the test to help it feel familiar and therefore reduce overall anxiety. We will cover:

  • Questions that were typical of an ACT
  • Questions that were uniquely presented
  • Solutions to questions that were genuinely challenging
  • Strategies for best results

Students are welcome to attend to see sample questions from the most current ACT® test and gain general test familiarity; however, if students purchased their Test Information Release, they are welcome to ask questions over specific questions that they missed.


Travel:  The live seminar is held at the College of St. Mary's Hill-Macaluso Hall at 7000 Mercy Rd., Omaha, NE

Cost: $30 for the three hour program

Meet The Tutor

Instructor/Owner: Adam Snoza

Adam Snoza

Adam is an trainer of the ACT® Certified Educator program in all subject areas. He has even been a contributing author to the program's science and writing manuals. In addition, Adam authored explanatory answers for The Official ACT Mathematics Guide 2nd ed.
Adam wants to bring his experience in all things ACT to this test deconstruction and demonstrate the patterns in tested concepts and offer the best testing strategies.